Samurai Shaver

Samurai Shaver v1.06
by DDRKirby(ISQ) and Kat Jia
Released under the Cocoa Moss label

Please be patient as the game loads! You may have to click to give it focus.
Soundtrack download

Samurai Shaver was made in 72 hours for round 40 of Ludum Dare. The theme was "The more you have, the worse it is", so we made a rhythm game about a lone samurai's quest to cleanse the land of body hair.

Awards (out of 1852 jam entries):

Post-mortem writeup

Ludum Dare submission page

Original compo version submitted to Ludum Dare

Changelog >>

- Speed up fadeout/fadein at game startup a bit
- Allow pressing enter to exit the tutorial

- NEW LEVEL! Level 5: "As the Cherry Blossom Falls"
- Added level number and song title on a dropdown sign at the beginning of each level
- Adjusted animation speed of conveyor belt to match tempo of song
- Fixed missing nipples for one of the people sprites (oops)

- Adjusted hair positioning and make indicator line appear sooner,
  to give more advance warning for the first slice
- More accurate audio sync, and smoother scrolling for the indicator line
- Added gamepad and mouse support
- Fixed a visual glitch when showing the loading screen before the doors fully finished opening

- Added a victim to the intro of level 4 so it's not as long of a wait before the song starts
- Very minor tweaks to all of the music

- Added roll call numbers to the blank signs that the people are holding
  (this was planned from the start; just didn't have time to do it before)
- Added the menu and results screen music to the jukebox menu
- Added song names, and full song descriptions and write-ups to the jukebox screen

- Added a pause screen - press Escape or P to pause during a stage
  (you can exit the stage from this screen)
- Reduced global volume to avoid WebGL audio compression (eww)
- Performance tweaks to avoid small hitches during gameplay,
  especially on the first note of each session
- Fixed sfx failing to play if you slash too quickly
- Smarter placement of blood slashes (no more bleeding between people's legs)
- Don't allow slashing above a person's head or below their feet (no more bleeding floors)
- Fixed a minor looping issue with the blood effect animation

- First release!

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