Rhythm Quest is an upcoming 2-button chiptune music game being developed by DDRKirby(ISQ). Players will need to jump and attack to the beat to get past challenging obstacles in this rhythm-based twist on a traditional "runner" game.



Rhythm Quest is largely inspired by the success of one of DDRKirby(ISQ)'s previous games, "Ripple Runner", which took 2nd place in Ludum Dare 29. It uses the same basic gameplay conceit and makes use of similar "palette-shifting" effects to highlight different sections of music tracks. Like in Ripple Runner, the music in Rhythm Quest is tailor-made by the developer himself, which allows the backing track to specifically highlight gameplay interactions in a unique manner.


Rhythm Quest first started production in late 2016 as a pet project of DDRKirby(ISQ) and went through on-and-off development until mid-2021 when DDRKirby(ISQ) quit employment to work on it full-time, hoping to complete the game "within a reasonable timeframe".


  • "Music-first" gameplay - Each track is tailor-made to highlight gameplay mechanics
  • 2-button controls - Simple to pick up, difficult to master
  • Challenging rhythms - Each world features new obstacles and rhythms to conquer
  • Energetic chiptune soundtrack - Dozens of tracks in different styles to run to
  • Colorful pixel art - A simple yet vibrant world that accentuates the music


Playable DemoDownload

Gameplay TrailerYouTube



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About DDRKirby(ISQ)

DDRKirby(ISQ) (he/she/him/her) is an independent game developer and "9-bit" chiptune music artist. He is most well-known for his music, which blends traditional video game instrumentation with modern production techniques.
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