This page serves as a catch-all for the many other games that DDRKirby(ISQ) has worked on, including dozens of games created for the "Ludum Dare" game jam. All of these games are freely available to play.


Ludum Dare is a 48/72-hour game jam where participants create a game from scratch in a weekend based on a theme. DDRKirby(ISQ) has participated in Ludum Dare since 2011, frequently partnering with Kat Jia as "Cocoa Moss Games". Many of these games have placed highly in Ludum Dare's peer ranking system (see below) -- in particular, Samurai Shaver placed 1st overall in Ludum Dare 40 out of 1,852 entries.


Hide and SeekYouTube

Unlock EverythingYouTube

Colors of Your WorldYouTube

Goodnight MeowmieYouTube

Samurai ShaverYouTube

Goodnight SheepYouTube

Watch for Falling RocksYouTube

Melody MuncherYouTube


Ripple RunnerYouTube

Match GirlYouTube


Awards & Recognition

  • "Ludum Dare 26 - 3rd place in Fun" Minimalist MAYHEM
  • "Ludum Dare 26 - 2nd place in Audio" Minimalist MAYHEM
  • "Ludum Dare 27 - 2nd place in Fun" Hyper Furball
  • "Ludum Dare 27 - 1st place in Audio" Hyper Furball
  • "Ludum Dare 28 - 2nd place in Overall" Match Girl
  • "Ludum Dare 28 - 2nd place in Audio" Match Girl
  • "Ludum Dare 29 - 2nd place in Overall" Ripple Runner
  • "Ludum Dare 29 - 3rd place in Fun" Ripple Runner
  • "Ludum Dare 29 - 2nd place in Theme" Ripple Runner
  • "Ludum Dare 29 - 2nd place in Audio" Ripple Runner
  • "Ludum Dare 30 - 1st place in Audio" Labyrinth
  • "Ludum Dare 33 - 1st place in Audio" Melody Muncher
  • "Ludum Dare 34 - 3rd place in Audio" Grow Your Love
  • "Ludum Dare 35 - 2nd place in Audio" Nyamo's Adventure
  • "Ludum Dare 37 - 3rd place in Audio" Ludum Dare: The Game
  • "Ludum Dare 40 - 1st place in Overall" Samurai Shaver
  • "Ludum Dare 40 - 1st place in Fun" Samurai Shaver
  • "Ludum Dare 40 - 1st place in Audio" Samurai Shaver
  • "Ludum Dare 41 - 2nd place in Mood" Goodnight Meowmie
  • "Ludum Dare 44 - 1st place in Humor" Inflate Me to the Moon
  • "Ludum Dare 45 - 3rd place in Overall" Unlock Everything
  • "Ludum Dare 45 - 3rd place in Fun" Unlock Everything
  • "Ludum Dare 45 - 1st place in Audio" Unlock Everything
  • "Ludum Dare 46 - 3rd place in Audio" Birdie Burglars
  • "Ludum Dare 47 - 1st place in Mood" Hide and Seek

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