I've programmed many games over the course of the years, including many entries for Ludum Dare. This section of the site catalogues all of the coding projects I've worked on so that you can play with them.

Rhythm Quest

(In development)

An upcoming 2-button chiptune music game.

A Day in the Life of Death

January 2023
Ludum Dare 52 - 1st place Overall

A narrative adventure about the struggles of a soul harvester.

Dice it Up

July 2022
GMTK Jam 2022

A cooking game based on rolling dice.

Kiwis Can't Fly

April 2022
Ludum Dare 50 - 8th place Overall

A short musical adventure about a bird who loves the sky.

Chickie Catchers

October 2021
Ludum Dare 49

A two-player game that tests your balancing skills.

Far Side of the Mirror

April 2021
Ludum Dare 48

An adventure game about exploring a cat's dreams.

4-Wide Trainer

April 2021

A training tool for "4-wide" combos in Tetris.

Hide and Seek

October 2020
Ludum Dare 47

A horror game with a focus on audio and storytelling.

Birdie Burglars

April 2020
Ludum Dare 46

A light-hearted target-shooting game about saving a birdie.

Puzzles for POD

March 2020

A simple jigsaw puzzle app done for an academic project.

Unlock Everything

October 2019
Ludum Dare 45 - 3rd place Overall

A love letter to Mega Man, with a twist.

Mini Mega Man

October 2019
Ludum Dare 45 Warmup

A very short Mega Man style platformer.

Dear Toki

July 2019
Friendship Jam

Write letters to connect with a long-lost friend.

Inflate Me to the Moon

April 2019
Ludum Dare 44

A short nonsensical game about "inflation".

Colors of Your World

December 2018
Ludum Dare 43

A platforming adventure about the colors of life.

Bath Time

August 2018
Ludum Dare 42

A physics-based game about washing cats.

Goodnight Meowmie

April 2018
Ludum Dare 41

A narrative game combining elements of both the virtual pet and horror genres.

Samurai Shaver

December 2017
Ludum Dare 40 - 1st place Overall

A rhythm game about a lone samurai's quest to rid the world of body hair.

Goodnight Sheep

December 2017
Ludum Dare 40

A story game about having too many thoughts at night.

The Music Box

July 2017
Ludum Dare 39

A puzzle-adventure game about a time loop and a mysterious music box.

Raven Delivery Service

April 2017
Ludum Dare 38

A cooperative brewing game about making potions on a floating island.

Ludum Dare: The Game

December 2016
Ludum Dare 37

A time-management game about making a game in 48 hours for Ludum Dare.


October 2016

A small tech demo simulating jello-like objects using Unity3D.

Watch for Falling Rocks

August 2016
Ludum Dare 36

A fun action game where a princess must drop objects on would-be suitors.

Nyamo's Adventure

April 2016
Ludum Dare 35 - 8th place Overall

A 2D Metroidvania platformer about a shapeshifting blob.

Grow Your Love

December 2015
Ludum Dare 34

A collection of small minigames about a couple's growing love.

Pet Furball

December 2015

A cute virtual pet that you can play with in various ways.

Melody Muncher

August 2015
Ludum Dare 33 - 6th place Overall

A fun chiptune rhythm game.

Rhythm Gunner

April 2015
Ludum Dare 32

An extremely difficult rhythm-based action platformer.


December 2014
Ludum Dare 31 - 7th place Overall

A 2D puzzle platformer with rearranging levels.


September 2014

An emotive, atmospheric piece evoking the feelings of walking in the rain.

Shining Starlight

July 2014

A short musical birthday gift.

Ripple Runner

April 2014
Ludum Dare 29 - 2nd place Overall

A Bit.trip Runner-style chiptune rhythm game.

Match Girl

December 2013
Ludum Dare 28 - 2nd place Overall

A 2D platformer with dynamic lighting and darkness mechanic.

Hyper Furball

August 2013
Ludum Dare 27 - 4th place Overall

A zany side-scrolling RPG about a cute cat.

Minimalist MAYHEM

April 2013
Ludum Dare 26

An arcade-style top-down shooter.

Cosmic Melody

April 2013
Ludum Dare 28 Warmup

A short musical adventure.

Marriage Quest

December 2012
Ludum Dare 25

A satirical looting adventure.

World of Snow

December 2012
Ludum Dare 25 Warmup

A small musical toy.


April 2012
Ludum Dare 23

A metroidvania-style shoot-em-up with a unique shrinking mechanic.


April 2012
Ludum Dare 23 Warmup

A simple side-scrolling shoot-em-up.

One of a Kind

December 2011
Ludum Dare 22

A puzzle platformer with a "unique" mechanic.


December 2011

A loop-based point-and-click step sequencer.

Relentless Waves

October 2011

A music-based tower defense game.


I've also written post-mortem writeups for several of my Ludum Dare games, where I write a bit about what it was like to make each one. These are all included in the "Articles" section of my site.

Click here to browse my articles and writeups.