Raven Delivery Service

Raven Delivery Service v1.0.1
by DDRKirby(ISQ), Kat Jia, IBYuMe, and Vincent Castelli

Please be patient as the game loads! You may have to click to give it focus.
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Please note: HTML5 Gamepad support is inconsistent! Test your gamepads here.
If your gamepad doesn't work, try the downloadable build:
Download (Windows)
Download (OSX)

Raven Delivery Service was made in 72 hours for round 38 of Ludum Dare. The theme was "A Small World", so we made a game about two witches living on a floating island in the sky. The twin witches prepare various magical items and deliver them to customers on the surface with the help of ravens. Co-op mode highly recommended -- grab a friend and play together!

Post-mortem writeup

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