Here's where I link to all of my other pages and sites, as well as sites of friends and other people who I generally think are really cool.

Logs and Text Pages

Quotes - My extensive quote collection. Mostly funny and out-of-context, but also some more memorable and meaningful ones.

Profile - My "profile" -- contains links, stats, and some other random things.

Records - My current listing of records for games, speedcubing, and other things, including a history and log of when each was achieved.

Websites and Work

Cocoa Moss - Cocoa Moss is the label under which I release games together with my good friend Kat Jia. The content is mostly duplicated from here, but here it is regardless.

Bandcamp - My official Bandcamp site, where you can stream and download all of the music that I've produced.

Patreon - My Patreon site, where you can help support my music and receive cool bonus perks!

Twitter - My twitter feed. I mostly post announcements and cross-links to new content that I produce.

YouTube - My YouTube channel, where I post streaming versions of my music as well as other random videos.

Facebook (DDRKirby(ISQ)) - The DDRKirby(ISQ) Facebook page. Similar to the Twitter feed, I mainly post announcements and links to my content here.

SoundCloud - My SoundCloud, where I post streaming versions of songs. I don't have SoundCloud premium so this is only a small sampling of my work.

Instagram - My Instagram page, where I mainly post album art images.

DeviantArt - My DeviantArt page, where I post drawings and other art.

Twitch - My Twitch channel. I don't really use it very often, but sometimes I'll randomly stream myself doing One Hour Compo or playing games or something.

Ludum Dare (New) - My games listing on the new Ludum Dare site. Shows all the games I've made from LD38 onwards. You can also view my activity feed to see the posts I've made on the site.

Ludum Dare (Old) - My author page on the old Ludum Dare site. Shows games up until LD37, as well as the blog posts and post-mortems I wrote up until that point.

LDStats - Stats and graphs for my Ludum Dare entries and their scores/rankings.

OverClocked ReMix - My artist page for OC ReMix, featuring all of the remixes I've gotten posted.

Apple App Store - My developer listing for the App Store (iOS), featuring all of my mobile game releases.

Google Play - My developer listing for Google Play (Android), featuring all of my mobile game releases.


Blogspot - My main blog, where I post personal ramblings, cool links, thoughtful commentary, and occasionally, stupid angst. =P

Wordpress (Xanga Archive) - Archive of my old Xanga blog, now hosted on Wordpress. A lot of the URLs and image links are broken, but the text is all there--all 3,780 posts of it. It chronicles a huge chapter of my life, so I'm glad it still has a home somewhere.

Facebook (Personal) - My personal Facebook page. Don't bother frequesting me if you don't know me personally though; I won't accept! Follow my DDRKirby(ISQ) Facebook page instead!

Tumblr - I never liked this service, but I have automatic cross-posting enabled for this account if that's your thing.

MyAnimeList - Log of the anime that I've watched, as well as ratings and episode counts.

MyAnimeList (Manga) - Same as above, but for manga.

VNDB - Same as above, but for visual novels.


Kat Jia - My artist and partner in crime, Kat! She did the art for several of the games I've worked on, including Rain, Match Girl, and Hyper Furball. I also helped code her website. =)

flashygoodness - A video game composer, programmer, and pixel artist! You probably know of him from the Tower of Heaven soundtrack.

Creative Worlds/Aqua Bunny - Home sites of an animator/artist who has some really cool stuff up! Check out his Kirby fan animations and other stuff--they're really fun!

Aivi Tran and Surasshu - The bestest musical duo ever! Aivi's piano and Surasshu's chiptunes combine to make something truly wonderful. Their album, The Black Box, touched me so much that it inspired me to make an entire tribute album, Love Everlasting! They're also the composers for Steven Universe!

Cool Stuff

OverClocked ReMix - The premier video game rearrangement and remixing community, featuring remixes by very talented people that get screened by a strict judging panel. I have some songs that have gotten posted on here, too. =)

Tetrisconcept - The central community for the Tetris: The Grand Master series. Features a wiki with extensive information about the entire TGM series.

Deprecated and Archived

DDRKirby(ISQ)'s Site o' Stuff (Freewebs) - The very first incarnation of this site. MAN it's been a while since those times.

DDRKirby(ISQ)'s Site o' Stuff (Google Sites) - The second, and cleaner, incarnation of the site, hosted on Google Sites.

CS181: Adventures in Rune Midgard - The blog I used for all of the various experiences I had playing Ragnarok Online with friends, including a pretty active period where we were playing it as part of a class project.

Fremont High School Underground Rubik's Cubing Society - Or "FHSURCS" for short. Super duper old, super ridiculous, and no one should ever learn about speedcubing from this site,'s still there for posterity if you want to check it out.