Post-mortems and writeups of various gamedev/music techniques and other interesting knowledge that I've gained over the years.

NES Chiptunes in Unlock Everything

A breakdown of how the NES chiptune music in "Unlock Everything" is structured.

Shader-based Transitions

Implementing the diamond-based screen transition effect in "Unlock Everything" using a pixel shader.

Post-mortem: Colors of Your World

Post-mortem for our platforming adventure game from Ludum Dare 43. Includes thoughts on level design as and platforming physics implementation.

Post-mortem: Bath Time

Post-mortem for our physics-based cat washing game from Ludum Dare 42. Includes notes on prototyping, ragdoll physics and dirt shader effects.

Post-mortem: Goodnight Meowmie

Post-mortem for our virtual pet horror game from Ludum Dare 41. Includes very detailed development notes, as well as thoughts on horror game design, jump scares, visual shader effects, and audio design.

Post-mortem: Samurai Shaver & Goodnight Sheep

Combined post-mortem for our two games from Ludum Dare 40, including Samurai Shaver which took 1st place. Includes a detailed development log of how each game progressed.

Post-mortem: The Music Box

Post-mortem for our puzzle-adventure game from Ludum Dare 39, including what went well and what didn't go so well.

Post-mortem: Raven Delivery Service

Post-mortem for our cooperative Overcooked-inspired game for Ludum Dare 38. Includes general dev notes, and thoughts on co-op design.

Post-mortem: Ludum Dare: The Game

Post-mortem for my time-management game from Ludum Dare 37. Includes general thoughts on what went well and what didn't go so well, as well as some notes on Unity coroutines.

Post-mortem: Nyamo's Adventure

Post-mortem for our Metroidvania game from Ludum Dare 35. Includes some general notes on level elements, Unity and Tiled2Unity, among other things.