Grow Your Love

This is a flash game, which means it will not play on modern browsers past December 31, 2020.

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Grow Your Love v1.1.1
by DDRKirby(ISQ) and Kat Jia
Released under the Cocoa Moss label

Soundtrack download

Grow Your Love was made in 72 hours for round 34 of Ludum Dare. The theme was a tie between "Growing" and "Two button controls", so we made a collection of small two button minigames about a couple's growing love. It's notable for being our first pixel art work together.

Awards (out of 1638 jam entries):

Ludum Dare submission page

Original compo version submitted to Ludum Dare

- Fixed scoring for the dance minigame

- Redid scoring for all minigames to be more gracious
- Fixed some scoring mistakes
- Rewrote the names for each scoring range
- Fixed a typo in the letter minigame
- Slightly tweaked arrow spacing in the knitting minigame
- Made some tutorial actions happen more quickly to emphasize speed

- Tweaked title and story text
- Stars no longer fall in reverse direction
- More clear directions and highlighted text
- Tutorial overlay now covers entire screen
- More clear instructions for pressing left + right in the menu

- Added link to soundtrack download

- Fixed scoring bug in the runing scene
- Made some directions more clear
- Made the incorrect word in the texting minigame gray (darker)

- Fixed text spacing in the jukebox

- Fixed a placement bug in the texting minigame

- Fixed some bugs in the scoring systems

- Fixed some formatting mistakes with scores

- Added music jukebox

- Added free play mode

- First release

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