Unlock Everything

Unlock Everything v1.11
by DDRKirby(ISQ)

Downloadable version (better performance, stability) - Windows - OSX - Linux

There is an intermittent bug with the startup of Godot WebGL games -- if nothing loads after a while, try refreshing the page one or more times.
Note: You may have to click inside the window to give it focus.
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Unlock Everything is my entry for round 45 of Ludum Dare. It's a love letter to Mega Man, with a twist! All content for the game was made entirely within the 48 hour timeframe (with the exception of fonts).

Move - Left Arrow and Right Arrow
Jump - Shift, X, or Up Arrow
Shoot - Z or Spacebar
Confirm - [Jump] or [Shoot]

Controls (alternate):
Move - A and D
Jump - Shift or Period
Shoot - Slash or Spacebar
Confirm - [Jump] or [Shoot]

(Gamepad/AZERTY theoretically also supported, but untested)

Awards (out of 728 compo entries):

Ludum Dare submission page

Changelog >>

- Switch binding for spacebar to be shoot instead of jump
- Slight tweaks to a screen in level 3

- Added additional keybindings
- Fix dropped shoot inputs before picking up autofire

- Fixed a silly export mistake that caused level 2 to start on the wrong screen

- Added some additional checks to try and prevent soft-locks
- Adjust a screen in level 1 so you won't die immediately if you hold right on respawn
- Fixed a bug where you can trigger the level 1 end multiple times
- Delete a few pixels from the boss doors to indicate they're unlocked
- Fix rare single pixel camera hitch on screen transition
- Fix very minor tileset issues

- Added some checks to try and prevent a rare soft-lock on death

- Fixed a bug where sawblades would keep moving during transitions (and kill you)
- Disable printing to stdout and stderr
- Slightly adjusted metal blade speeds

- Added song titles and liner notes to the jukebox screen
- Use highlighted text to indicate what song is playing on the jukebox screen
- Very minor tweak to one screen in level 3
- Toggled a setting that should make pixels slightly sharper on retina screens

- Added a fix for screen transitions sometimes not triggering during screen shakes

- Rebalanced the Metal Man fight a bunch to make it more forgiving but still
  not just brute-forcable

- Fixed a funny bug where Metal Man's spinning blade could be left over

- Removed a duplicated object that accidentally got left in
- Added version number in the corner of the menu screen
- Fixed being able to spam certain menu commands

- First release!

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