Relentless Waves

Relentless Waves v1.00
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RelentlessWaves is a music-based tower defense game. It basically runs an FFT on the music audio, and uses the resulting spectrum (technically, only part of the resulting spectrum) as an input to a bunch of enemy creep generators. Hence, higher frequencies will cause small enemies to appear on the right side of the screen, and lower frequencies will cause larger enemies to appear on the left.

RelentlessWaves was done as a homework assignment for a music class I took. The assignment was basically to show that you can take an FFT and display it using OpenGL, and you were supposed to "visualize something else about the sound" I went totally overboard and made an entire game out of it. =D

Known issues:

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Where are the songs from? A: Song 1 is a quick (not yet released) WIP I threw together specifically for this game. Song 2 is Antares, and Song 3 is Lurker--both of which are One Hour Compo entries of mine.

Q: What class was this for?
A: Stanford's CS476A/Music256A class, titled "Music, Computing, and Design I".

Q: (Linux) Where can I find the SDL libraries?
A: Most package managers should already have them available. You'll want the following packages:

Alternatively, you can grab them from these links:

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