Birdie Burglars

Birdie Burglars v2.01
by DDRKirby(ISQ) and Kat Jia
Released under the Cocoa Moss label

There is an intermittent bug with the startup of Godot WebGL games -- if nothing loads after a while, try refreshing the page one or more times.
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Birdie Burglars is our entry for round 46 of Ludum Dare. The theme was "Keep it alive", so we made a light-hearted target-shooting game about saving a birdie.

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Original compo version submitted to Ludum Dare

Changelog >>

v2.01 (Post-Jam)
- Fixed an issue on WebGL where the pause button could not be clicked on retina devices

- First mobile release!
- Completely reworked the menu screen
- Added a new ending screen when completing level 4
- Added jukebox screen for listening to the game music
- Added an in-game pause/settings screen
- Add music/sfx volume settings, drag direction inversion, and drag sensitivity
- Added new environmental particles for all 4 stages
- Cursor now starts a bit higher up so you don't have to drag as far
- Added new title graphic
- Added "tap to continue" and "make sure centered" prompts for tutorial
- Made levels 1 and 2 a bit easier
- Other minor bugfixes and tweaks

v1.06 (Jam)
- Added a software cursor (locked inside the game window) to make the mouse cursor hiding
  behavior a bit less confusing
- Ensure internal slingshot cursor position is clamped inside the game window

- Fixed a silly mistake in v1.04 that caused a tutorial segment to display before it should have

- Fixed accidental looping of certain music fanfares, especially if game is paused
- Various aspect ratio-related internal changes in preparation for mobile builds
- Tweaked credits screen slightly

- HTML5 fix: Now captures mouse cursor during gameplay, to solve issue with mouse inputs outside
  the game window being dropped
- Press escape to unlock the mouse cursor
- Very minor timing tweak to one of the tutorial steps

- Fixed level 3 using the wrong grass asset
- Very slight audio volume tweaks

- Fixed a minor audio glitch

- First release!

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