LoopMuse v1.03/1.04
Download - Windows (1.03) - OSX (1.04) - Linux (1.03)

LoopMuse is a loop-based point-and-click step sequencer. Choose a chord progression and click on the "SoundPads" to sequence music according to the selected chords. The y-axis controls pitch, while the x-axis controls volume.

The initial idea of LoopMuse was inspired by AXE, a Nintendo DS homebrew app made by DJ Tepples. You can download AXE for homebrew here, or watch a video of it in action here.

LoopMuse was initially done as an open-ended final project for a music class.

Known issues:

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What class was this for?
A: Stanford's CS476A/Music256A class, titled "Music, Computing, and Design I".

Q: Where are the .wav files outputted to?
A: The same directory that the executable is in. For Windows, this means LoopMuse.exe, for Linux this means LoopMuse, and for OS X this means the LoopMuse.app package (this is why you should move the entire LoopMuse folder to your /Applications directory).

Q: (Linux) Where can I find the SDL libraries?
A: Most package managers should already have them available. You'll want the following packages:

Alternatively, you can grab them from these links:

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