"Ductmation" is like claymation...but with duct tape. I did the editing and animation for two ductmation films, both photographed by Kenneth Finnegan. You can view them as embedded videos below.

Billy's Demise (May 2006)

This one was done for our American Lit Honors class, meant to imitate the style of Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five by jumping about the plot randomly. Also has a ton of other random inside jokes intersparsed here and there. This was the first "real" ductmation film we did together as a team, and was pretty cool to see come together. This film also references the "Billy Anderson" saga, which you can learn more about on the Billy Anderson page.

Trade With China (May 2007)

This one was for a project in our Economics class. Less involved than Billy's Demise, but still good fun. I make no claims about the validity of the information presented, haha...^^;

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