I do glowsticking (mainly freehand) from time to time. See the below video for an example.

My Glowsticking Videos

All of my glowsticking videos are available on YouTube as an organized playlist, sorted by date:

About Glowsticking

Simply put, glowsticking is the art of dancing using glowsticks. You can visit sites like to learn more about it, or simply search up videos on YouTube. Glowsticking has two (main) variants: freehand and stringing. Stringing involves swinging the glowsticks around on strings and is closely related to traditional poi swinging.

I first started glowsticking in around 2007 and have been doing it pretty sporadically since then. I mainly do freehand, though I picked up some stringing as well once upon a time. I'm not that practiced and my dancing is hardly clean; I'm mostly what you might call a "backyard glowsticker" but it's still fun. =)

Inspiration and Favorites

Some of my all-time favorite glowsticking videos are:

Ginseng's "Last Love"
Jin & MadRaverRai @ Crobar
MadRaverRai November 2006
(There's also a really sweet video of WuXanaXan that sadly isn't available anymore...*sadface*)

Jstudd 1.27.06
Wil 5.02.05

Meetups and Compilations
GSC at Created Equal
Naperville, IL Winter Meetups 2006

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